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Rent a motorhome in Sweden

We are the largest motorhome rental company in Sweden and we are located in Jönköping and Gothenburg.

We build on 30 years of experience in renting out motorhomes

To meet the different demands of our clients, couples, families and groups of friends, we offer a great variety of layouts in terms of sitting, sleeping and storage space.

Committed to and with a profound interest in motorhomes and motorhome vacations...

Travel to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark (the Nordic countries) explore new routes, enjoy exciting recreational activities or just relax, we can help you.

We are passionate about motorhome holidays and offer you much more than just a rental. We offer information, travel tips, especially for the region of Småland and for the vicinity close to the pick-up stations in Jönköping and Gothenburg. We have a variety of package solutions.

Choose Sweden's largest rental company and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

If you have any questions or enquiries you are welcome to contact us – or book directly on-line 

Two factors were important (except that you had the most suitable motor home), your location a bit far away from Copenhagen (so that we could drive the long stretch in our own car, and the short part in the motor home), and then a good price.

Thorkild Jacobsen, Lyngby, Denmark

We open the gate to your motor home holidays.
We open the gate to your motor home holidays.