Scenic parking, activities and Daylight partners for your motorhome holiday.

Travel tips for your motorhome holiday

Daylight Motorhomes works with partners in different parts of Sweden. Sweden is a great attraction for lovers of nature and countryside tourism and much is happening to offer motorhome holidaymakers a variety of places to visit, to park overnight and an exciting range of activities across Sweden. We give you tips on scenic parking, small rural cafes for Swedish with local pastries and delicacies, outdoor experiences in the area of fitness, fishing and cooking.

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GoNatureTrip collection of travel tips

Scenic overnight parking and activities

GoNatureTrip is an independent collection of travel tips featuring farms, outdoor guides and rural tourist companies offering an active holiday, inspired by local traditions and always close to nature.

You can combine scenic overnight parking with outdoor activities, local culture and history. Try fishing, hiking, golf, sauna, canoeing or Swedish Fika (coffee break). Wander down to the jetty on one of Sweden's 100,000 lakes taking in the early morning scenery while sipping coffee and dangling your feet into the warm fresh water. Feel the fish nipping at your toes as the sun burns away the early morning mist. Find unique farmsteads, countryside shops and small tourist offices run by local villagers. Rent bikes to take along on your motor home trip or find rental companies along the way.

The companies, sites and attractions are mostly in Southern Sweden and Dalarna.

Daylight Husbilscenter has extended the partnership to a selection of GoNatureTrip companies. The newly launched Daylight Premium GoNatureTrip is a closely knit cooperation between Daylight Husbilscenter and these countryside based companies offering Guaranteed Quality Life Experiences such as baking of cinnamon buns in the kitchen of a farm house, glass blowing classes, fishing on lake Vättern with experienced guides, outdoor spa with a view to Lake Aneby, canoe adventures with Geo Catching and much more.

For more information on Go Nature Trip (Opens in a separate window) NOTE: Some of the links are only in Swedish).

Fish on your motorhome holiday

Go where the Fish Bite!

Daylight Motorhomes works with fishing resorts and farms. With a motorhome you can easily reach the lakes where the fish bite. Our partners offer parking with a lakeside view. At Stora Nätaren, Ylen and Aneby sjön you can fish pike, zander, and perch.

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For more information visit Målsånna Turism or Brovillan B&B.

At the fishing resort Ödevata Fiskecamp you will reach the lakes Ödevaten, Törn, Hultabräan, Mosjön and Skärsjöns. where you fish for zander, perch, pike and also tench. In Svartö you will also find rainbow trout.

With a fishing guide you will find the best lakes for fishing perch, pike but also other fishes. For more information Go-fishing (The site is in Swedish), Fishing-in-Sweden or FishinginSweden.

You can find additional information on the site Angeln in Schweden (the site is in German).

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Park your motor home where the fish bite

Park close to your training. Go Fitness Trip

Local training, outdoor recreations and sport centres and events

Rent a motorhome and discover unique landscapes and outdoor training facilities in Sweden.

All the Daylight motor homes are equipped with shower and water boiler, running on battery and LPG. You can park close to your activity without having to go to a campground.

The motor homes have bicycle racks; the largest takes up to four bikes. Several of the motor homes have large outdoor garage space where you can store valuable equipment or even a bike.

To travel with a bike is convenient in Sweden, you will reach turist areas and historical town centres without the hustle of finding a parking. You will also have unique access to outdoor recreational areas, nature reserves and biosphere reserves.

We collaborate with Cykelkungen, a bicycle rental company in the Gothemburg area. They deliver the bikes to the motor home at pick-up.

Put on your training shoes and discover the Swedish countryside. We work with farms and resorts offering overnight parking and fantastic training.

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At the Aneby Lake  Målsånna Farm has a nice camping park offering outdoor fitness, kickboxing, and yoga with a personal trainer/ instructor as well as outdoor cooking by the lake. Erika and her daughter Evelina will also show you the best places for a perfect workout of the day. Rent a boat and take turns swimming across the Aneby lake.

Get to know the vast UNESCO Biosphere Reserve area called "East Vättern Scarp Landscape". You will find training experiences in unique landscapes. Close to the historical town of Gränna you will find Drefseryd Farm offering overnight parking on the farm. Catch the ferry to the island of Visingsö. In the middle of lake Vättern. "Visingö - the active island" (the site is in Swedish) you can find outdoor fitness events great forest path for running, cycle around the island – 30 km, forest paths of mountain biking, bike rentals, outdoor pool, a golf course and much more.

Only 10 km from Jönköping, and still in the Biosphere Reserve, the outdoor adventure and mindfulness company Mavie, has a special offer(opens in a new window). , Enjoy overnight parking on a farm, outdoor workouts and anti-stress programmes. 

Hökensås National Park offers a variety of true nature training experiences with Nystedt Husky Tur & Natur. You can try Canicross, a run that is both hard and fun. Other activities are Athletic Sled dog adventures, Snowshoe-running, Mountain bike and trekking.

Close to Kalmar, the host town of Iron Man, you can overnight camp at Ödevata Fiskecamp. They offer water sports and great tracks and lanes for cycling and trekking. Try the sauna placed on a ramp in the lake.

For more information on resorts and facilities Go Fitness Trip.

There are also several sports events and training on offer


The well-known bicycle race Vätternrundan takes you around the lake Vättern on your bike- a full 300 km of racing in the month of June. All our motor homes have bicycle racks.

In July try out Grevskapsloppet (the site is in Swedish) on the island of Visingsö, a family running event for children 1 or 3 km and for adults 5 or 10 km.

Sommartåget (the site is in Swedish), run 45 km from Jönköping to Visingsö, you can run the whole distance or part of it, the only pre-requisite is to have fun.

If you are looking for an even greater challenge check out Vätter Challenge Triathlon. It takes place in July starting from Jönköping,

Close to Gränna in the Biosphere reserve area you can try out the Örserum Triathlon (the site is in Swedish), in July.

Another race in the East Vättern Scarp Landscape is the Landsjön Runt (the site is in Swedish) takes place in October. Run, go on roller-skates in-lines or roller skis around the lake Landsjön, full 12,5 km.

In September the tracks are getting wetter in the woods, try out Salomon Trail Running (the site is in Swedish) taking place on the outdoor recreation and training facilities above the town of Huskvarna.

Småland - Sweden for real

Attractions and nature experiences

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When asked about Småland many will think of Astrid Lindgren´s world, the Kingdom of Crystal or perhaps a Moose safari.

Centrum in the region is Jönköping.

For information on 15 top attractions in the county of Jönköping check out

For more information visit Småland- Sweden for real and I Love Småland.

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