Train on your motorhome holiday in Sweden

Travel tips for your training and sports holiday

Rent a motorhome and discover unique training landscapes and outdoor facilities in Sweden. 

All the Daylight motor homes are equipped with shower and water boiler, running on battery and LPG. You can park close to your activity without having to go to a campground. 

The motor homes have bicycle racks; the largest takes up to four bikes. Several of the motor homes have large outdoor garage space where you can store valuable equipment or even a bike. 

To travel with a bike is convenient in Sweden, you will reach tourist areas and historical town centres without the hustle of finding a parking. You will also have unique access to outdoor recreational areas, nature reserves and biosphere reserves. 

 We collaborate with Cykelkungen, a bicycle rental company in the Gothenburg area. You will receive a special "rent a bike" offer when booking a motorhome with us. For more information on the terms, conditions type of bikes and availability contact Cykelkungen.   See availability to rent a motorhome on our website. 

If you are interested in hiring country road racing bikes or MTB bikes please see Cycling around Jönköping. Perfect if you pick up your motorhome in Jönköping.

Cycle on your motorhome holiday in Sweden
Take along bike on your motorhome holiday

Park close to your training

Park close to your outdoor sport activity!

Put on your training shoes and discover the Swedish countryside. We work with farms and resorts offering overnight parking and fantastic training. 

At the Aneby Lake  Målsånna Farm has a nice camping park offering outdoor fitness, kickboxing, and yoga with a personal trainer/ instructor as well as outdoor cooking by the lake. Erika and her daughter Evelina will also show you the best places for a perfect workout of the day. Rent a boat and take turns swimming across the Aneby lake. 

Get to know the vast UNESCO  Biosphere Reserve area called "East Vättern Scarp Landscape". You will find training experiences in unique landscapes. In the historical town of Gränna you can catch the ferry to the island of Visingsö. In the middle of Lake Vättern you can find outdoor fitness events, kayak adventures, great forest path for running, cycle around the island – 30 km, forest paths of mountain biking, bike rentals, outdoor pool, a golf course and much more. 

Still in the Biosphere Reserve, the farm ”Hemma på Hult”  offers overnight parking on a farm, outdoor workouts and anti-stress programmes. They have a special offer if you rent a motor home from Daylight Husbilscenter.

You will also receive a special offer at Habo Camping and Café Lustfyllt when booking a motorhome with us. They are at bicycle distance from Hökensås nature reserve

Near Kalmar lies Ödevata Fishing Camp that receives motor homes. Water sports, bicycle and hiking trails and rent a woodburning sauna on a beautiful lake in the lake. 

You will receive a special offer at Ödevata Fishing Camp when booking a caravan with us.

See availability for motorhome rental from Gothenburg and Jönköping.

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Park at training facility with Lake Vättern view
Parking at MTB and outdoor resort in Jönköping

Motorhome and outdoor

Outdoor: MTB, swim in a lake, climb or hike!

Swedes love outdoor activities. The diversity in landscape, in Sweden offers unique possibilities to get active outdoors and engage with nature.

The Swedish’ freedom to roam, the Allemansrätten, allows you to explore the Swedish nature freely.

The Swedish nature is perfect for outdoor sports and training. Water, coastlines, lakes and the forest are always around the corner. Wherever you travel in Sweden, adventures like hiking, canoeing or fishing, mountain biking, rafting or kitesurfing are accessible and bookable.

Are you planning to do an Ironman or a Triathlon? Sweden offers great training facilities. There are thousands of lakes in Sweden. Go swimming or run around a lake. You can explore lakes districts and cycle between lakes. There are many options to choose from.

If you like rock climbing in Sweden there are cliffs for bouldering and other climbing in Bohuslän och Västervik.

More and more towns and destinations offer MTB. Some examples are the outdoor resort Isaberg in Småland or IKHP in Huskvarna ( only 10 minutes from Jönköping): In Göteborg you can do MTB in nature reserves  Änggårdsbergen and Delsjön. These places are also great for hiking. 

In many destinations and resorts you can rent canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes or hiking equipment and there is a growing number of highly qualified outdoor and adventure guides .

The Nordic Adventours platform, is great resource if you are looking for guided and self-guided, long and short adventures all over the Nordic countries. If you are looking for a more active motorhome holiday with some outdoor adventures here come some suggestions from and from the GoNatureTrip motorhome tips site.

Pick up your motorhome in Jönköping and nature and outdoor activities are around the corner.

 In the Jönköping area, you have abundance of water. The highlight is the great lake Vättern and the lake district in the Biosphere reserve Östra Vättnerbranterna.

Within this unique Biosphere reserve, you will find lakes, nature reserves and hills offering many possibilities for outdoor fans. The best way to successfully fish for pike, perch and zander is to a book a fishing guide  

The trails crossing through forests and fields all around Jönköping are best explored by renting mountain bikes or even going on a guided bike tour to really get the most out of it. Jönköping is a great cycling destination.

Värmland and Västergötland around the huge lake Vänern are wild, in large parts untouched and yet accessible areas, which easily makes it one of Sweden’s best locations for freshwater paddling. Spend some days exploring the countless and often connected lakes in and around Glaskogen nature reserve or explore the beautiful freshwater archipelago of lake Vänern.

Bohuslän and the west coast- The rugged archipelago in Bohuslän, between Gothenburg and the border with Norway offers some of the best kayaking possibilities in Europe. The area south of Gothenburg with its shallow and wide beaches and many bays, such as Varberg, Falkenberg or Apelviken is well known amongst windsurfers, kitesurfers and even wavesurers. Among them gems you will find Kullaberg nature reserve where you can find great hiking trails.

Dalarna and Jämtland north of Stockholmare areas known for being the wildest, most untouched in Sweden with great wildlife watching and safaris, nature photography, mountain biking, heli-fishing and rafting.

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Swim in a Swedish Lake
Swim in a Swedish Lakes on your motorhome holiday

Park overnight close to your race or competition

Sporting events for the whole family

There are also several sports events on offer:

The well-known bicycle race  Vätternrundan takes you around the Lake Vättern on your bike- a full 300 km of racing in the month of June. All our motor homes have bicycle racks.

In July try out  Grevskapsloppet  (the site is in Swedish) on the island of Visingsö, a family running event for children 1 or 3 km and for adults 5 or 10 km. 

Sommartåget  (the site is in Swedish),   run 45 km from Jönköping to Visingsö, you can run the whole distance or part of it, the only pre-requisite is to have fun. 

Another race in the East Vättern Scarp Landscape is the  Landsjön Runt  (the site is in Swedish. Run, go on roller-skates in-lines or roller skis around the lake Landsjön, full 12,5 km. 

If you are looking for a challenge Jönköping is hosting Ironman 7.3

 In Huskvarna (Jönköping) the outdoor sport resort IKHP arranges races and events in cross, MTB and cross-country skiing. 

Ironman in Kalmar also arranges Ironkids for children between 3-13.

Close to Kalmar you can park overnight camp at Ödevata Fiskecamp. They offer water sports and great tracks and lanes for cycling and trekking. Try the sauna placed on a ramp in the lake. For special offers when you rent a motor home from Daylight Husbilscenter please check their website. 

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Motorhome on training holiday in Sweden
Park motorhome at outdoor sport resort

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Relax by lake after an active outdoor day
After an active training day, relax by the lake.